Mandatory Vaccines Make No Sense – By Master Muppet

Mandatory Vaccines Makes No Sense

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the vaccination and autism debate. Anyone who has genuinely looked into the heart of the matter will realize most of it is noise. It seems there is an immense amount of energy being spent ignoring major factors in health science. There are a lot of different parties involved spreading their own versions of what is scientifically accurate, and what we DO know at this point regarding many neurodegenerative disorders, namely Autistic Spectrum Disorders.

Also since the latest measles outbreak in the United States, a dramatic push on social media, and in news media has relentlessly been calling for mandatory vaccine policies. Law-makers , lobbyists, as well as many prominent vaccine scientists have voiced similar desires, producing bills that edge ever toward the inevitable mandatory vaccines for all endgame of those dedicated in its inception. They claim the science is settled, that there is a strong consensus. They say that those in opposition are simply scared, or in denial, or even crazy. The truth is that this ideology is dangerous and there is plenty of evidence published in scientific journals today.

The point of this paper isn’t to attack either side of the vaccine debate. It is to lay out on the table the facts.

Vaccines are a pharmaceutical product. Vaccines work by boosting blood antibodies of viruses, which are designed to be harmless, but still have enough viral RNA to produce a memory cell response, which can produce antibodies that are specific to the targeted virus. The result is immune protection from one, or several, strains of the virus. Depending on the type of virus, and how it is prepared, can change the duration of specific antibody production. Typically the immunity effect will wear off, or wane, if the body is not repeatedly stimulated with the dead virus, as memory cells do turn-over, and studies have shown an increase in susceptibility as antibodies wane. This effect happens faster in environments that have already eradicated endemic spread of the virus. This would need to be sustained by frequent vaccination, every 3-7 years, depending on vaccine and virus of course. One study (1) shows that in a post elimination environment, even after the second Measles, Mumps, and Rubella BOOSTER vaccine, antibody titres (antibodies) dropped below the blood levels the patient was at prior to the vaccine being administered. This is undoubtedly poking unseen holes into herd immunity, and makes increasing coverage by an average of 1.6% forcibly through denying public education to unvaccinated children seem nonsensical at best.

Another study (2) of measles patients established antibody threshold levels for measles infection, arguably the most contagious virus we know of. They found that if antibody levels dropped below a threshold of 120 micrograms per millilitre of blood serum, that the patient had no protection from clinical measles. Above that level, up to 1050Mcg/Ml up to 70% of patients still saw sub-clinical symptoms of measles, and could spread the virus. Above 1050Mcg/Ml of Blood serum antibody levels up to 30% still saw sub-clinical symptoms of measles. Although sub-clinical, these individuals could still spread measles. This cannot be ignored, as it is another enormous hole in herd immunity that grows over time. The scientists who did this study were shocked at how ineffective one dose of MMR was, and recommended subsequent boost shot, or shots, to combat susceptibility to measles infection. Later studies showed that the effectiveness of the boost actually waned faster than the initial shot.
Now why are mandatory vaccination policies so dangerous anyway? The answer to that question is possibly the most nebulous of all of this. Get this, the definition of what is autism and what is not is evolving. The criteria is expanding into genetics, into diet, into, pharmacokinetics of pharmaceutical drugs, the effect of environment, and Autism itself has expanded into a whole spectrum of disorders, that while producing different symptoms, are really all quite related in their effect on the brain. Very little has been done in this area to experimentally demonstrating how these disorders effect brain function, brain development, and on age-related disorders. This area of science is well into the realm of theory, and practice is mainly focused on special needs care, and different forms of coping practices, or of course, developing drugs to counteract symptoms.
One hypothesis has been put forward, that takes Autism Spectrum Disorder a few step further (3) that looks at neurological processes that are common amongst ASD and other neurological issues that can be caused by a wide variety of things. It describes a central mechanism that is at work here, causing brain cell degeneration, or regeneration, depending on the environment of the brain cells, and how substances affect the complex functions of the brain. Nutrition is also a big part of the hypothesis, as well as toxicology data on substances we are all regularly (or irregularly) exposed to. As it turns out all of these factors can disrupt a very complex mechanism that is intertwined with the body’s immune system, and this can dramatically affect the brain in a bad way.

A later expansion on that hypothesis examines what relationship vaccines have with this central mechanism. (4) Any immune stimulation also stimulates the brain’s immune system. The brains immune system, which is also part of its break-down-and-repair mechanism, consists of cells called microglia. Microglias are cells that essentially “crawl” around the brain, and take down or build up neurons, and synaptic connections between them. When a brain cell is infected with a microbe the immune system fires up to take down the damaged cell and replace it with a new one. It does this by secreting chemical signals called cytokines. These cytokines can be switched into a pro-inflammatory state, like when the body is fighting infection, or switched to an anti-inflammatory state which promotes brain cell growth. A vaccine, with an immune stimulant given to an infant, or to the mother while pregnant stimulates this response in the baby in the womb. However this pro-inflammatory effect can be stimulated, and sustained, by aluminum particles. The particles are in similar valence to magnesium particals which normally fit into and activate microglial receptors, and they can stay there a very long time. This produces a long term, chronic traumatic encephalopathy (brain inflammation) which if done during certain developmental windows, can severe interfere and disrupt brain development. In a later lecture by the study’s author he goes into far more detail.

Other evidence of harm is found in a pharmacokinetic review of studies on all environmental sources of aluminum. (5) OF the sources included in the study, vaccines were shown to be the second highest one-time dosage of aluminum absorbed into circulation at about 4560 nanograms into the blood at one time. That is roughly 10,000x the amount of aluminum one would get from water, or aluminum cookware, or breathing the air, at one time. It is also being given to infants at less than a year old.

Another study (6) showed how aluminum adjuvants travel throughout the body in an animal experiment on mice. It showed, using a radioactively tagged aluminum adjuvant that the aluminum travelled all throughout the body and was not all filtered by the kidneys first. They found the radioactively tagged aluminum in the lymph nodes, the heart, the kidneys, the spleen, the liver… Of course it was found in the Brain as well. So the assumption that vaccines cannot cause neurodegenerative disorders, or at least the symptoms of them, appears to be false. At least in the face of many studies posted in peer-reviewed medical journals. -RB

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