Suzanne Humphries on Neonatal Immunity

I wish I had written this …
The following link will take you to a long post on another site – but it is rich with theories and concepts that are worth considering.

It deconstructs why vaccination may not be the best strategy for life-long health. The current paradigm of frequent vaccination from birth is based on comparing a newborn’s immune system to an adults and deciding it is defective because it is different. The need for repeated frequent exposure to a vaccine is necessary because a baby’s immune system is not yet able to respond the way an adult’s does. This is not bad or wrong and in fact is evidence of design.

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As always – you as a parent, or as an adult should determine what medical intervention (vaccination or otherwise) that you will accept or decline – and your freedom to do so should not be influenced by coercion or manipulation. I hope some day we return to an era of greater freedom where this is so.