The Adult Vaccination Schedule: Do you want Government to Mandate this on You?

If you haven’t seen the new adult vaccine schedule, here it is!
If you are 19-55 yrs this applies to you! Minus 3 doses for the HPV vaccine which is given until age 26. Still a long list of drugs, all given simultaneously.

So Looking at this adult schedule, in order for an adult to be considered Up to date on their vaccinations, one would need the following:

~Visit 1~
Flu vaccine
PPSV23- 23 strain strep vaccine
Meningococcal vaccine
Measles Vaccine
Mumps Vaccine
Rubella Vaccine
HPV Vaccine
Chickenpox Vaccine
hepatitis A Vaccine
Hepatitis B Vaccine
Hib Vaccine

~Visit 2 I would receive:~
2nd dose of PPSV23 because my dr will certainly say this vaccine covers more strains
2nd MMR dose (A third is coming to the schedule within 5 years)
2nd dose of HPV
2nd dose of Chickenpox
2nd dose of Hepatitis A
2nd dose of Hepatitis B

~Visit 3~
3rd dose HPV
3rd dose of Hepatitis B

Mandatory Vaccination for adults? What say you?