Vaccines Made In China: A Safety Risk?


Chinese Parents Are Melting Down Over Vaccine Scandal

By: Gary Truthking
March 26, 2016

As we reported yesterday, a deadly vaccine scandal was uncovered in China placing millions at risk. A female pharmacist and her daughter have been taken into Chinese custody for selling illegal vaccines. The vaccines were being improperly stored. According to

On Sunday, eastern Shandong province’s food and drug administration released detailed information of 300 suspects who allegedly either bought the 570 million yuan (HK$680,000) worth of vaccines from or sold them to the mother and daughter at the centre of the case.

The mother, Pang, a 47-year-old former pharmacist, and her daughter, Sun, a medical school graduate, were detained by police last year on suspicion of selling the inadequately refrigerated vaccines, according to local media reports.

They have been charged with operating illegal businesses and are awaiting trial.

The mother and daughter had allegedly been illegally bulk-selling 25 kinds of vaccines, for both adults and children, since 2010.

Even though the Chinese government has made arrests and are investigating, parents are outraged and calling on the Chinese government to explain further how this could occur. These people were caught peddling 25 different types of improperly stored (unrefrigerated) vaccines. The vaccines were for polio, mumps, hepatitis B, meningitis and even rabies. They were distributed to 24 Chinese provinces for the past six years.

What’s worse? Apparently China lied about this issue for a year. According to, Chinese authorities have known about the matter since last April. To worsen the situation, the 47-year-old pharmacist who has been detained was convicted of the same offense in 2009 but received a suspended sentence.

These vaccines could result in paralysis and death. China was likely covering up the scandal as a way to not draw negative attention to vaccines, but in doing so, they put their entire country at serious risk. The Chinese government is the actual criminal is this scenario.

PA Raven Commentary:
In the event you find this troubling, please consider that the vast majority of the world’s vaccines are made in China! You can read about it here: